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Jesse Burdick

Jesse Burdick is the Head Coach at PowerWod, and has spent nearly two decades training and training with some of the best athletes on the planet. A former NCAA baseball player and Certified Manual Therapist, Jesse’s quest for diverse and extensive knowledge in both athletic training and life has led him to sharing some of the most respected company in the industry.
  • 20+ Years of Coaching Experience
  • 7 powerlifters broke the all time world records
  • 7 powerlifters achieve top 3 all time world records
  • Train athletes in NFL, MLB, NCAA, Navy Seals, UFC, and Crossfit Games
  • Squatted 909 lb, Benched 601 lb, Deadlifted 820 lb
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Why Powerwod Training System?

Can your programming automatically update the training intensity and volume uniquely based on your progress? This is why Jesse teamed up with Metron to offer an affordable and effective solution for his training methodology
In my first four months here I made more progress than I did in my 2 years training under a different coach. It's just honestly outstanding for me how much a good coach can do
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Shawn Graves
I have gone from 225 squats to 300, bench improves by 40 pounds. The way he programs it, really helps with learning about your body and figuring out how your technique is
Athlete Photo
Tiffany Leung
Coach, Powerlifter
I started training under Jesse at 43yrs. old. I had more than a 100lb improvement on my squat, 45lb on my bench, and at least 40lb on my deadlift. I broke the world record in the super heavy weight division
Athlete Photo
Sara Schiff
Clinical Neuropsychologist
I've improved 600lbs training with Jesse in the last 4 years or so, steadily made increases in strength. He is so great with numbers and managing fatigue throughout the cycle and program
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Jeremy Avilla
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